The ProGrip Advantage

ProGrip Livestock Solutions is dedicated to bringing efficiency to livestock handling and improving animal welfare, all while protecting your bottom line.  We design and build our mats with these goals in mind.

We are proud to guarantee durability, safety, and affordability to our customers.

  • Durability.  Our mats are made from full-width, undamaged used tire treads.  We do not splice treads together, in order to avoid potential weak points.  The treads are woven together and secured with heavy duty steel bolts.  Mats are designed for maximum sustainability, so that they will last for years to come.
  • Safety. ProGrip designs our mats to provide traction and padding to livestock to prevent slipping and injury.  The weaved design creates ridges to help livestock get a grip.  The curved nature of tire treads creates space between the two layers of treads, which provides padding.  We ensure that our mats are built without gaps or inconsistent treads that could be stumbling hazards for livestock.  Additionally, our process safeguards against dangerous wires protruding from the treads that could otherwise cause hoof problems, instead of prevent them.
  • Affordability. Because our founders all have personal experience in livestock production, we understand that every dollar matters to the hard working producer.  We commit to giving our customers maximum value for their dollar by providing a quality product for a low price.  More so, our products help producers increase their overall profitability by protecting their livestock investment.