Durability - Affordability - Protection

Our Mission

“ProGrip Livestock Solutions provides durable products to improve quality of life for livestock, while protecting producers’ bottom line.”


About ProGrip

ProGrip Livestock Solutions, LLC, is a company founded by livestock producers, for livestock producers.  We are committed to serving the livestock industry by creating cost-effective solutions to improve the lives of both livestock producers and their animals.

Our efforts are currently focused on producing a durable, low-cost rubber mat for livestock handling facilities.  The mats are designed to be strategically located in high-traffic areas, in order to provide livestock with traction and padding.  These mats drastically decrease the potential of hoof injury due to slipping and reduce stress in the animal.  As a result, this product improves animal welfare and saves producers money.  We manufacture the mats by re-purposing scrap tires, which allows us to remain environmentally sustainable while offering our customers an affordable flooring solution.

Our company began as a product of the Engler 3DS Startup Experience in September 2015.  We completed the NMotion Pre-Launch program last fall, and are currently working with the E-Clinic at the Nebraska Law College to file an LLC.  ProGrip was able to begin production in February 2016.  We have made eight sales in the past six weeks, and are in contact with two potential wholesale customers.

ProGrip Livestock Solutions, LLC, strives to keep the livestock producer first.  We are dedicated to solving real problems with viable and sustainable solutions.


“As a livestock producer myself, I've seen the consequences of failing to protect hooves.  We saw a need for a durable and affordable mat solution, and created one.”

— Tyler Haun, co-FOUNDER