“ProGrip Livestock Solutions provides durable products to improve quality of life for livestock, while protecting producers’ bottom line.”

Management Team

Team members left to right:  Tyler Haun (Miller, SD), Collin Freemen (Pierce, NE), Brandon Nichols (Bridgeport, NE), RJ Baldwin (Worton, MD), and Nick Greene (Naperville, IL).


About ProGrip

ProGrip Livestock Solutions was founded by five students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  We all are members of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program, and we all have experience in the livestock production industry.  ProGrip launched as a product of the Engler 3DS Startup Experience in September of 2015, which was a 48-hour startup event.  Our team began trying to find uses for scrap tires - an item we identified as an undervalued asset - that would help improve the lives of livestock producers like us.  We realized that we could use recycled tires to provide a durable and affordable protection solution to livestock industry.  We recognize that although this is not a new idea, we are confident that we can provide our customers with a better and more affordable product.  Each of our team members has personal experience with livestock handling facilities and the problems and risks associated with those facilities.  After being named one of two winners of the Engler 3DS Startup Experience, we were awarded the opportunity to participate in the NMotion Pre-Launch program.  Through this program, we further developed our market research, finalized our product, and enhanced our sales skills.  Additionally, the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program provided us with the training and tools we needed to launch the business.  As a result, we began production in January of 2016.  ProGrip began operating out of a garage here in Lincoln, NE, and we have recently moved to a larger facility.   We look forward to growing our business in order to better serve livestock producers with quality solutions for years to come.